Frogmarch 2000

Frogmarch 2000 again took place at the Frogmill Inn in Shipton, near Cheltenham, this time from Saturday 13 to Sunday 14 May 2000. It was a futile attempt to rediscover the atmosphere of Frogmarch 1998. We failed, but created a whole new magic instead. The name Frogmarch was introduced for this event. Someone — perhaps Gareth — misremembered the name Frogmill as Frogmarch, and it was such a good name that we kept it.

  • Polly Atkin
  • Toby Atkin
  • Debbie Cox
  • Clare Croser & Marty Hemsley
  • Rowan Dundas & Tim Eyre
  • Alex McKee
  • Helen Miles
  • Gareth Neville
  • Andrew Patterson
  • Sarah Pilgrim & Adrian Ward
  • Gayle Smith
  • Ruth Wilson & Roly Iddison
  • Joanna Winship