Frogmarch 2002

Frogmarch 2002 took place in the North Yorkshire seaside village of Whitby — famed for its literary connection — for two nights, from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th May 2002. We chose to stay in the Bagdale Hall Hotel, a Tudor manor house.

“I want to move to Whitby” — Gareth


We arrived in Whitby on the Friday evening. After checking into the hotel (apart from Rowan & Tim, who were camping locally), we settled down for a fine dinner in the hotel restaurant.

On the Saturday morning, after a hearty cooked breakfast, we took the opportunity to explore the town. Kate and Toby went on a boat trip — a cold and wet experience! We gathered a picnic lunch, and climbed the famous 199 steps to the Abbey on the hill above the town. In the afternoon we explored further, some of us taking a tour of the Abbey. Saturday dinner was at a delightful local restaurant, within happy staggering distance of the hotel.

On the Sunday morning, we again had a good solid breakfast before visiting a local photographer's studio for the team photo. Tim and Rowan departed, ready for the drive down to London, and Polly left to visit a local friend. The rest of us had a lunch of fish & chips in a little café near the harbour wall. Then we went our separate ways.

  • Polly Atkin
  • Rowan Dundas & Tim Eyre
  • Gareth Neville
  • Andrew Patterson
  • Joanna Winship
  • Kate Wright & Toby Atkin