Frogmarch 2003

Frogmarch 2003 took place over three nights from Friday 16 to Monday 19 May 2003.

Frogmarch was slightly different this time. We booked Isla Bank House in Keith. It is a baronial style mansion — with a stag’s head on the wall! — and has seven bedrooms (2 single, 1 twin and 4 double). It also has a music room with a grand piano, and a snooker room with a full size table. The prices to hire the house was £600 for the long weekend.

Meanwhile, we also benefited from having our own mansion by having excellent food at a much lower price. Around £55 per person covered food and drink for the weekend (including beer, wine and port). Andrew was in charge of catering, including a seven-course meal on Saturday evening. This worked out at less £20 per day for full board.

  • Kate & Toby Atkin-Wright
  • Tim Eyre
  • Lisa Gilby
  • Gareth Neville
  • Andrew Patterson
  • Ruth Wilson & Roly Iddison